2018 has been an amazing year. And it’s all THANKS to you!

Leo & Lotus lovers. YOU ROCK!!!

2018 has been an amazing year. And it’s all THANKS to you!

What privilege we’ve had to spend the year working on truly inspiring interior projects. We’ve loved working alongside clients to create homes filled with stories of love, kindness and integrity with exclusive and limited-edition homewares that boast their own unique stories of respect, hope, purpose and opportunity. 



We’ve been honoured to continue collaboration with talented artisans across the globe. Doing so means we’re able to showcase ancient craftsmanship in each of our exclusive and limited-edition homewares collections.


We continue to be incredibly proud of our small yet mighty existence that ensures our involvement across the entire design and production process of every Leo & Lotus collection. We’ve literally touched the hands that craft our wares, a unique and distinguishing factor we hold dear to our hearts.

It’s been an absolute delight to have shared our craft with budding designers at Masterclass events and throughout the ‘Let’s Talk, by Mel’ series posted regularly on our social platforms. In doing so, we’ve inspired interiors led by deliberate choices of exquisite homewares that honour human craftsmanship, upcycling, sustainability and small batch productions that honour fair-trade agreements.

And, what an unforgettable and rewarding trip to Nepal we shared with four of our dedicated Leo & Lotus lovers. The busy schedule involved meeting artisans, seeing the great work of the Creative Hands Deaf Mute Ashram and a humbling visit to the Shramik Bal Bigyan Community School. 

But most importantly, what an absolute joy it’s been to have done all of this whilst giving back. We give back to create balance in the world in whilst at the same time creating truly stunning interiors that fill homes with truly exquisite homewares. Without a doubt, 2018 has been a ripper year for doing so.

In 2018 Leo & Lotus gave back more than ever before. And to be honest, we’re simply giddy with pride. There’s no denying the unbelievable gratitude we owe to YOU, our esteemed LOVERS, who are the heart and soul and real givers. Without your homewares purchases, your interior projects or your attendance at Masterclass events, we simply couldn’t give back.

Through your support, we’ve continued to pay the rent of the Creative Hands Deaf Mute Ashram in Nepal. We’ve purchased mattresses and blankets and ensured the Ashram continues to operate so as to protect vulnerable girls and women from human trafficking. We’ve purchased stationary and educational equipment for every student at the Shramik Bal Bigyan Community School in Kathmandu, and in addition, we’ve paid school fees and purchased uniforms for children whose parents were simply unable.

Seriously, Leo & Lotus lovers, we’re going to say it again. You guys ROCK!

Thank you really doesn’t seem enough; but thank you Leo & Lotus lovers, YOU, are the true heroes of our story. YOU fill hearts with hope. YOU encourage dreams. YOU enable change. YOU ease burdens. YOU afford opportunity. YOU give purpose. YOU challenge the status quo. YOU create balance, yet at the same time, and in your own amazing way, YOU create a disturbance. And just like a drop in the ocean, the ripple of change YOU create, spreads incomprehensibly far and wide.

So, what does 2019 have in store for Leo & Lotus? And, what does Leo & Lotus hope 2019 has in store for YOU?

Kindness, it’s that simple, and it hasn’t changed since we began in 2008. So, please, join us in 2019 as we continue to attach kindness to everything we do. We promise it’s not hard, and the rewards, well, we think you’ll all agree, they simply speak for themselves.


With Kindness,


Leo & Lotus

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