Ethics drop when people are desperate.

To our loyal Leo & Lotus followers we are asking for your help in this extraordinary time of global pandemic.

Amidst managing our own bubbles of crisis Leo & Lotus are unfaltering in our commitment to the people, artisans and communities of Nepal that we support.

The Leo & Lotus street children and schools have all received their funding for 2020, they are going to be ok.

However, the girls of the Creative Hands Deaf and Mute Ashram are now more than ever reliant on Leo & Lotus. They will continue to be offered protection, education, hope and refuge from the human trafficking epidemic which plagues Nepal and our world, especially during times of crisis as humans eek out ways to survive.


These words from Melanie our founder herself...‘Ethics drop when people are desperate, employment, protection and education are key. The craftsmanship of the artisans who bring Leo&Lotus designs to life,  are second to none. It’s such a privilege to see them with opportunity and hope, and by educating their children we future proof the next generation. Educating the boys is just as important as our girls as one day those boys will be men’.

Speaking of the acutely vulnerable, Melanie continues.

‘The deaf-mute ashram is vulnerable at this time. These women and girls arrive unable to communicate which means they are unable to protect themselves. It’s often a long road ahead, but when they finally leave, they’ve learnt how to sign, are able to sew and understand the warning signs and risks of the sex slave industry. Most importantly, they leave with the knowledge that sexual slavery is criminal, and they now have skills to survive."


Our Support of girls trafficked for Sexual Slavery in Nepal can continue but only with your help.


We are ready to launch the latest the Leo & Lotus Limited Edition Autumn Collection, and the profits will pay the yearly rent payment of the Deaf and Mute Ashram in Nepal. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Leo&Lotus to improvise and adapt ensuring the payment can still be made. 

‘It’s vital that our support continues in Nepal and for that reason the Autumn Collection of bed linen has been sewn by local refugee seamstresses in Melbourne, It’s been a surreal experience managing production during the corona pandemic, but amongst all of the adversity it’s actually been a really empowering experience for everyone"

Leo & Lotus is now on track to continue our support in Nepal, and in doing so we’ve built wonderful relationships with local refugee women who are humbled by the opportunity to support vulnerable women on the other side of the world.’


The Leo & Lotus Limited Edition Autumn Collection will be on sale from this Friday 10 April. Head to or follow on Instagram and Facebook.


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