Lets Talk About White!

Why is choosing  W H I T E  paint so overwhelming?

WHITE is a reflector and scatterer of colour wavelengths. Its hard to choose the right white because it reflects colour around you. On top of that, a white paint sample inside a paint shop will look different again at home. The colour of your furnishings, floors, curtains, art and even the time of day is reflected and scattered by white. 

White is an overwhelming colour to choose.

Don't be bamboozled, your perfect white is waiting patiently amongst the thousands of whites on the market. We can find her for you, or point you in the white direction.

We understand the idiosyncrasies of white and see through her myriad of pigments within. We have been working with white for decades.

Give us a call, drop us an email, put a message in a bottle and we'll put you on the WHITE track



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