Lets Talk About Books

Books on tables, books on shelves, books on the floor, books on chairs, books as stands for precious pieces. Books are my go to for creating sculpture and blocks of colour in a home, they take you on a journey without moving your feet. Books add to the intrigue of who you are, a room without books is like a body without a soul.

"Do you have books?" 

"How many books do you have?

"Do you need to fill a book shelf or scatter them randomly throughout your home?


If you're filling a book shelf, work in blocks of colour and height. Place your tallest book in the centre of your shelf, then drop down in height at the sides, like a mountain peak.
Artfully stack books on coffee tables or side boards. Coordinate your books by colour and place a candle, large crystal, photo or childhood trophy on top.

Create a sculptural "Leaning Tower of Pisa" near your favourite reading chair. Place your largest book at the base, smallest at the top, coordinate colours as you build.

Fill an unusual vessel, like a wood stacker, a basket, an old copper tub. Keep to the stack colour rule, and remember you are using your books as art and an insight into your soul.

For the creative souls amoungst you .. build a stack of books you no longer read, glue them together and paint them!

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