Lets talk about homes that are hard to leave

What is it about a home that makes you want to sit and stay a while? 

Homes are like people, some leave a mark and touch your soul. Their spirit is free, wise and non judgmental. Lives and interiors should be built around choices, and not a care in the world around judgment of others. Hard to leave homes are the ones that make you feel all loved up inside. You wont see them on the "Whats Hot in Interiors" pages, but they will touch your soul, and warm your heart. 

Krishna and Bhagbatis home in the Kathmandu Valley has heart warming sprinkles. The light is lovely and happy people live inside.


I also love this Melbourne home of a friend who collects, hunts and finds beautiful things.


Do you know of or live in a home thats hard to leave? loved homes carve forever places in your heart, along with the people and memories inside them.


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