Lets Talk About Upcycling

Upcycling  NOT to be confused with Recycling.

Upcycling is when discarded pieces morph into works of art, surpassing trends. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, or Cinderella going to her ball, not looking for a prince (eye roll).. this Cinderella is a powerful work of creative beauty. 

Magical Mirror is the Phoenix of Cinderellas for Leo&Lotus. Her design inspiration is purity. Purity is magical and exquisitely beautiful.

"Your Heart is One Hundred Percent Gold" is an affirmation written along the mirrored edge of Magical Mirror. Vintage porcelain Italian blooms and ancient Nepalese quartz crystal add to her history and comment on human life.

Magical Mirror reflects your purity. Magical Mirror is a one and only. 

Melbourne delivery is free.Please contact us for freight charges beyond Melbourne, Victoria. 




"You Rock" is a piece from Collection 2014, she is a vintage Nepalese bronze wine vessel wrapped in quartz pieces that were discovered in the Himalayas.

You Rock has gone to her forever home.


In 2015 we created a collection of Parlour Throws using cashmere, vintage batik and braid, we also re introduced our Blooming Brooches, furniture jewellery, crafted in Nepal from precious textiles and vintage embellishments.

They are all now in their forever homes.



Smoke is a charred side table circa 1910, she was the Phoenix of Collection 2015. Her butterflies were hand crafted by Dil in Bhaktapur, Nepal just after the 2015 Earthquakes. Symbolising courage and the rebuilding of a country.

Vintage tissue silk saris from Northern India were backed in strengthening nettle fibres and upcycled for the arms and backs for Salon Chairs in a Western Australian home.

Every Leo&Lotus upcycled piece is so loved during their re creation, their stories will melt your heart. Sending a Leo&Lotus Upcycled piece off to their forever homes is a mixture of joy and the sadness of letting them go.

New upcycled pieces will emerge in each collection, so keep checking our page, or if you're a subscriber, you'll be one of the first to view.





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