Lets Talk About Magic

Adding magic is about taking a risk, packing a punch, stepping outside your comfort zone. We can all do nice, but what about fabulous?

Five punch packing tips ..

  1. Ceilings are for colour. How many times do we forget to look up? its a sea of white up there. 
  2. Over sized lighting. A magnificent Chandelier hung low in a corner, an oversized pendant over a dining table, or above a bedside adds sexy sass. 
  3. Bold wallpaper. Many swoon over wallpaper books, but then choose a nice subtle almost cant see it pattern. Vibrant bold wallpaper moves you from nice to awesome.
  4. Controversial Art. Art changes it up. Go for the unexpected. Opposites create intrigue.
  5. Texture and pattern on steroids. Tighten your palette and go wild with texture and pattern. 

Painting your ceiling leads you to feeling the colour, not many people look up.


Oversize your lighting. Remember to install with a dimmer, which tones a blast to a subtle glow.

Bold wallpaper transforms nice into awesome.

Controversial art that is off centre with the decor.

Texture texture pattern pattern. Go nuts with texture and pattern, then reign in the colour.

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