Lets talk about style

You've bought the sofa you fell in love with, painted your walls in that divine Pinterest colour, you've arranged the coffee table exactly how the Decor mag says, yet your home still doesn't have the "feels" you are chasing.

It's a awkward, something is missing.

Your STYLE is missing.

Style is guided by personality. When you capture YOUR style the "feels"come flooding in. Almost suddenly a calm will wash over you, your home will look like someone cool and interesting lives there.

One of the easiest ways to find your style is to look in your wardrobe. 

Is your wardrobe dripping in kaftans?

Are you a tailored suit lover?

A vintage horder?

A taupe classic?

A reliable pants kinda person?

If you're a taupe classic, your style is possibly quite traditional, with the occasional exquisitely crafted dark wood antique, you could even be drawn to a dollop of ming blue or moss green, all wrapped up in natural linens and beautiful finishes. You certainly should not paint your walls crimson and compliment it with a white leather sofa, even if it looks incredible on insta.

If you are a vintage horder ... an eclectic mix of colour and texture is more your style. Please stay away from practical upright beige sofas. Sumptuous squishy velvet or antiqued deep walnut leather is more your bag.

If you aren't really into clothes, you prefer reliable pants and comfortable red shoes, your style is familiarity and uncomplicated ease. You'll rock a deep casual sofa with a large relaxed ottoman for your feet. That billowy white Hamptons home you adore in the magazine is best kept for holiday stays.

If your wardrobe flows with vintage; rummage through second hand stores and garage sales for delicious decor pieces.


Or does your wardrobe favour elegant classics with a bit of groove? purchase the same for your home; handcrafted, high thread count linens, heritage labels and a few modernist pops.


What colour do you love to wear? let that colour meander throughout your home


Do you adore brocade jackets and floppy felt hats? Art Nouveau wallpaper and heavily embroidered textiles could be your bag.


Or is your wardrobe filled with comfy leggings, natural textiles and cool birks?

Find your style and own it.

A blanket stitched patchwork rug may be stunning in store ... is it in line with your style? or are you unconsciously tapping into the style of the store?

When you're in sync with YOUR style, you shop through an objective lens. 

Don't be overwhelmed if this is all new to you, we sort style with our eyes closed.

Drop us a line, give us a call, send a letter in a bottle. When you own your style, all those at home "feels" you've been chasing, will be right in front of you.



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