Lets Talk About Soul

Soulful Game Changers are furniture, art, scent, music or simply the sound of a crackling fire. They are the "thing" that shifts your home into food for your soul, rather than pretty eye candy. 

Five Soulful Game Changers;

Let Your Furniture Chat;

Only dance halls have chairs hard against walls. Sofas, armchairs and ottomans should never sit around the perimeter of a room. Create conversation pits by arranging furniture to chat. Turn armchairs slightly inwards towards each other, then include your sofa in their conversation. Pulling your furniture closer together immediately gets that kindness vibe rolling.

Create a Gallery Wall;

Your awesomeness is a culmination of your experiences. A gallery wall will connect you to your life and feed your soul. It will also give you those warm fuzzy tingles when a memory tennis ball lands in your court. 


We are tactile creatures, what our skin touches affects how we feel. During winter all my furniture is covered in shaggy Mongolian wool for sinking deep into after a long days work. In the warmer months those squishy warm feels are replaced by cooling bamboo and cotton throws. Changing your texture according to your season is a serious soul feeder.


The nose knows. Your olfactory bulbs are linked to areas of the brain that deal with emotion. There is no point having your home look lovely when its scent reminds you Year 12 exams. Lavender for some reason grounds me, roses remind me of visiting my grandparents in Christchurch, cigars of my dad at Christmas. Tingle your olfactory bulbs with scented candles, oils, plant resin, diffusers ..


Music and sound are powerful, they make a grey day explode with colour. The chime of a cuckoo clock may conjure magical tingles, or Freddie Mercury strutting down your hallway is the sass you've been looking for. Music and sound vibrate energy and hold your heart. 

Soulful Games Changers are layers to your vibe. They acknowledge that someone cool and deeply interesting lives here. Let your furniture have conversations, display your gallery wall of life, burn familiar loving scent and play music to just be. Thats how you'll harness those soulful at home vibes. 

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