Most Used, Most Forgotten

 The Hallway, and the Loo ...

You spend a lot of time there, either passing through or sitting down, yet for some glitch in the home decorating headspace, they pass under the radar.

It seems logical to focus your energies on a hero art piece, to hang behind your sofa, that you wont see when you are sitting on it.

Hallways and Loos are Important too.

  • Hallways are the arteries of a home; they lead you to where you are going.
  • The loo has the only wall that can claim your undivided attention.

With a little thought and wallet friendly ingenuity your hallway and loo can be pulled to next level. Cinderella makeovers can happen with re grouting, new shower screens, a coat of paint, a few things on the walls!


  1. Always start with how you want to feel. Tranquil, energized?
  2. Limit your palette and play with texture.
  3. Balance your heights.
  4. Leave space for the eye to rest.
  5. Soften the light for different times of the day.
  6. Stimulate your mind in the places you sit the longest.
  7. Add a little humour.
  8. And a dose of lovely scent.


  • Wall sculpture immediately changes it up from flat to intriguing.
  • Lizzie Alsop acrylics are the perfect because of their fun and colour.

  • Aluminum or acrylic pieces are perfect for Bathrooms. Beth Mitchel is my favourite because of the watery fantastical nature of her work. 


Your home should not be a one-stop shop, look du jour.  It’s an expression of layers of your personality, allow them to unfold and meander through out your home, including down the hallway and into the loo.

  Hang stories on your walls

Paint your ceilings your favourite colour.  


Hang good quality wallpaper in your bathroom.

Vintage taps and your favourite  blooms .

Wall sculpture, wall sculpture, wall sculpture!


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