The Shape of Water ... Colour

‘…..the sensual effects of my Eros collection, ‘Irises’ invites bedroom placement.’

New Zealand artist and Leo & Lotus collaborator, Jenny Coker talks inspiration, giving back and an exclusive ‘Leo & Lotus’ collection coming soon!

What do you love about painting?

The entire process. Choosing a medium, the subject, the composition, arranging materials, considering the light…..and now, thanks to social media, being able to share, bounce ideas off and connect with artists all around the world.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

From the fall of light, from a bunch of flowers, seed heads bowing against a rock, the swing of shiny hair against cheek bones and don’t get me started on my Medici influences!  

Talk to us about your current style…

A background in architectural illustration encouraged me to see textures and angles and the inter-relationship between structure and landscape. My current style is possibly a free form response to enhance large scale walls and an emotional, yet interpretative work. The Eros collection reflects the passion freedom and excitement of this part of my life.

‘That…..I can mess with paper and pigment… to help innocent victims….makes my heart sing and my work meaningful.’

 How important is Art Placement?

My work suits a quiet space. Off centre on a plain wall always adds a sense of drama. Hallways and entrances….. but the sensual effects of my Eros collection, ‘Irises’invites bedroom placement.

Thank you for collaborating with Leo & Lotus…..

How could I possibly not get involved after hearing the Leo & Lotus story and following your journey via Instagram.  That, from my very comfortable home, I can mess with paper and pigment to produce works that help innocent victims a world away, live above subsistence and poverty, gain access to education and support their local community.… makes my heart sing and my work meaningful. 

Jenny Coker exclusive collaboration with Leo & Lotus coming soon.

See Leo & for more details on how to purchase Jenny Coker pieces.


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