We don't often speak about these things.

The poverty in RURAL Uttar Pradesh is considered high level. Humans eek out ways to stay alive. If you are born female, it's WORSE. Monkeys scavenging temples have better lives.

"LOVE LETTERS" your latest Collection began in rural Uttar Pradesh.
If you'd like to meet inspiring female artisans, thats the place to go. Educating children is very important to these women. We visited their childrens school.

The school is a brick building with air slots, its dark, there is no electricity.

The children had collected berries and served them to us in leaf baskets. We sat inside and they hit us with a tsunami of excited questions. They wanted to know everything!

The humidity in the room was overwhelming, I resembled the berries they picked.

A little girl, smartly dressed, thick dark hair pulled back, put her hand up. The berry smiled back, to acknowledge her.

She whispered, with her hand covering some of her mouth.

"Could you help build a wall around our school?"

Her hand moved away from her mouth.

"Us girls are afraid to go outside, people might see us"

"We can't go to the loo either, its not safe to find somewhere"

I could come back to you with, my heart sank ... sadness doesn't help. Determination I find is more productive.

TOO RIGHT we will build that wall, and the loo!!

There is an overwhelming burden on men living in communities of high level poverty to provide all. EDUCATION can lead to a working wife which is shameful. It means you as a man can not provide for your family. Shame and fear goes on to destroy lives.

As girls are quietly becoming more educated. They choose to have children later, they earn incomes in safe houses away from the eyes of their families. With that there is more food on the table. More food leads to better health, sleep, happiness ... snow balling into wanting to educate their children no matter their gender, which leads to respect, empathy and hope.

We had met the children of our artisans, a group of very cool kids.

The  "LOVE LETTERS" Collection will build THE WALL ...& the LOO

THATS WHERE THE PROFITS ARE GOING. It doesn't have the blockbuster appeal of building The TRUMP WALL, we think its more important.

 "LOVE LETTERS" purchases are doing more than buying something pretty, you're contributing to the building of THE WALL & A LOO .. and you know what that leads to.

We don't often talk about it, because walls and loos aren't that glamorous.


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