You just did a whole lot of Giving, Thank You xx

Leo&Lotus opened its soul to four intrepid travellers last week.

Lisa, Jane, Wendy and April met Kate and I in Kathmandu, Nepal and we walked the Leo&Lotus walk together.

To kick off we introduced them to the Shramik Bar Bigyan Lower Secondary School Leo&Lotus supports.  The students danced, sang and beat boxed for almost two hours. For the second year running Leo&Lotus presented every student with next year's stationary supplies, uniforms and paid school fees.  I bit my tongue for most of the ceremony to micro manage the tears.  Although tiny, Leo&Lotus has a growing roar thanks to our wee team at HQ, your purchases and the generous time of three clever women (two Australians and a Brit.)  What brings tears to my eyes is that Leo&Lotus has impact; it's changing lives and giving hope to forgotten children who only need a whiff of opportunity, and they are running again.  The students at the Shramik Bar Bigyan School are able to continue their schooling.  They love their new books, coloured pencils, new shoes, new uniforms, and their school peers.  My tears are held back because these children feel they can chase their dreams now.

Leo&Lotus also supports a Deaf Mute ashram for Women who were otherwise destined for human trafficking.

The intrepid four met three of the new intake.  Their stories, their smiles and humility would chip pieces from your heart.  The world these deaf and mute women know is cruel.  More than that, they know what it is like to be sold, have their children taken, they know how it feels to not know their name, not know how old they are or where they come from.  After battling through that cruel beginning; these deaf mute women can smile; they are kind and have deep respect for each other and for being alive.  At the ashram they have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, they are being taught how to communicate with the hearing world they live in.  Just like the children at the Shramik Bar Bigyan Lower Secondary School these women cherish the opportunity to hope; like a delicate butterfly in their hands.

I am grateful that Leo & Lotus has been gifted the opportunity to meet women like these.  They have much to teach our world; they aren't victims, they are kind, they have a gentleness that I can't explain; you simply can't fathom how immense their emotional courage is without standing infront of them, in the presence of their energy.  We can teach them how to communicate and they can teach us so much.


Leo & Lotus also supports two more children who we didn't get to visit on this trip.  Unfortunately four months back, their grades were failing.  The juxtaposed me stepped in and told the childrens family that if the grades did not improve, our funding would cease - we are not a hand out shop!  As hard as that was I am so thrilled to say that the School Principle has since told me that their grades are up considerably (with all the tears, I am a hard nut for making the most of opportunity!)

Leo & Lotus is growing because of the time and input of our incy HQ and because you purchase our products. If you didn't buy, we wouldn't be here, I couldn't tell you their stories and some lives would have been lost.

The uber consumption gift giving season is coming up. Please remember these people and Leo&Lotus when you fill your Christmas stockings.

Leo&Lotus pieces are beautiful, they have heart and a deep purpose.

Pride & Purpose by Leo&Lotus

30 November. Get ready!

Thank you xxx



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