Youthful Inspiration

10 years ago, Leo & Lotus helped a Sierra Leonean family reunite with their lost son. It was an emotional reunion as the young man, lost as a baby during the war over diamonds, wasn’t found until he was 16. Their story is heart wrenching, raw and real.

It is important, no matter how harrowing, for us to keep sharing these stories and we thank the amazing Year 12 VCAL students at Cheltenham Secondary School for allowing us to do just that. Leo and Lotus disrupted the usual schedule to give students an insight into the work we do, our incredible artisans and the communities we support.

A wonderful, inspiring group of people themselves, they asked thoughtful questions and responded to our stories with great maturity. After a quick lesson in getting a product from brain to buyer, we set them the challenge of designing a piece for Leo and Lotus.



There are so many special considerations when designing an ethical piece, from making sure your materials are cost effective, to knowing the artisan and whether they will understand your product; many of our artisans don’t use sheets or pillowcases and are often crafting pieces they will never use themselves.

We had so many fantastic designs and found the collaborative, creative process really inspiring.

Our mantra at L&L is that there are no bad ideas and anyone can design – all you need is an idea and the will to get it made!

Year 12 VCAL we salute you… this space to see which design will be part of L&Ls next collection.


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