Welcome to our home, it’s a creative laboratory, where I experiment with new finishes, texture and colour. It has  evolved over the years from its laid back 70s era into the 21st century with a little more bougie. Brass, brick, loads of colour and buckets of memories meander through out our home, encouraging friends and […]


“We wanted a highly productive space for our growing business,  Melanie pushed us out of our comfort zone, and we’re very grateful she did!” – Grant Perry. Director Metallic grated sheets were cut to brighten the ceiling, glassed walls divided work spaces without dividing people, concrete floors were ground and buffed whilst brilliantly coloured rugs […]


Colour and texture are KING in this Californian Bungalow, with a battered bronze vinyl ceiling in the Master bedroom, and cobra like hues dancing through out. The owners are also avid antique and art collectors; therefore, the backdrop of Pineapple House needed to subtly curate without falling back into being safe.


A Lodge for retirees, with nostalgic pockets of eye candy everywhere. From the no longer minted coins pressed into benchtops, furniture restored from a bygone era and art pieces that opened conversation. This Lodge is about making people feel good, its cosy and seductive with a sweet Cadburys chocolate edge.