Lingo Stoneware.

“Lingo” Stoneware is a 18 piece Dinner Set with human conversation & laughter on its agenda.

Every Lingo vessel is stamped with a phrase unearthed in Earths coolest city alley ways. Where humans rock their own vibe and aren’t concerned about any “Thirst Traps” 

No piece is the same, they have the most exquisite imperfections.

Every Lingo Set comes with a Lingo Card, to get you on the front foot and closer to being “Thricer.”

If you’re keen, you’ll need to sprint like your life depends on it. Lingo is a tiny run (15 sets only) of stoneware handcrafted by inspirational humans in a forgotten shed with no electricity on the Unesco World heritage site of Durbar Square Bhaktapur.

100% of profits go back to the communities of our artisans in Nepal, to fund the education of street and orphaned children.

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