Leo & Lotus is honoured to enable opportunity and hope through our giving programs. We operate in a borderless environment and as such, we are limitless in capitalising on emerging needs of artisans and their communities.

We give everything back, not $5 or 10% from every product sold ..  everything.

Thats the whole kit and caboodle.

We’ll let the photo’s do the talking.

We purchase stationary and educational equipment for every student at a Prep to Year 12 School in Kathmandu. We also pay the school fees and purchase new uniforms for children whose parents can no longer keep them in school.


We have bought hundreds and hundreds of sewing machines for graduates from an Ashram for "The Abandoned and Destitute" in Nepal. We really don't like that language, thats the direct translation. Some of these "Courageous and Powerful" women post graduation have developed Co-Ops, then we've purchased overlockers and other items to further grow their businesses.

We Support an Ashram for Deaf and Mute Teenage Girls. These gorgeous girls are susceptible to Human Trafficking because they can not scream. We pay the ashrams rent, purchase mattresses and blankets and ensure that they have everything necessary to operate.

We've supported many more programs .. the rebuilding of earthquake damaged homes, purchased medical supplies and comfort needs post natural disasters, funded sanitary programs in remote villages. We're really good at spending money when people need support. We deliver it personally, making sure it goes to the right people. When we need to make purchases we do it within their community. 

Once we made the front page of the Kathmandu Herald! 

We have also funded programs in Northern India and supported Refugee Families in Australia. At the moment our efforts are concentrated in Nepal, as our funds grow we hope to expand further and further.

Watch this space xxx


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