About Us

Welcome to Leo & Lotus. We are thrilled that you’ve dropped by to explore our space for Interior inspirations and homewares. Founded by Interior Designer, entrepreneur and humanitarian, Melanie Strathdee, Leo & Lotus combines opulence, sass and heart.

What sets us apart? Small, yet mighty, we hide in the shadows of machine made, mass produced interiors. We’re proud of our defining qualities. Unique, handcrafted, limited editions. Exclusive forever pieces, crafted by remarkable artisans whose know-how is ancestral.

A social what? Leo & Lotus is a social enterprise. We pay fair trade prices. Then, through love and respect, we redistribute profits within the communities of our artisans. Our social conscience is our backbone. We empower. We educate. We inspire hope. A combined love of design, bespoke interiors and premium quality, brings us together to enable a positive, life changing impact. 

Still not sure of what we do? Read on.........

We sell to you at profit, keep nothing for ourselves (that means no wages, no flash lunches, no expense accounts or swanky offices) and share the earnings amongst those in need. We look to social and human rights issues and do what we can. We provide financial aid to ashrams that house deaf and mute girls otherwise destined for the sex slave industry. We purchase sewing machines, generators and equipment to ensure opportunity and empowerment to men, women and families. We fund education initiatives to enable future generations. We ensure shelter and aid during natural disasters and always, always deal in fair trade agreements. It often doesn’t seem like enough but we do what we can.

Our Crew

We're a group of creative women with backgrounds in design, interiors, manufacturing, film production & marketing. Designers of today have a responsibility to produce fewer better quality pieces, out of respect for our planet and human life. Art, design & craftsmanship are borderless skills, that can help restore hope, hearts & courage in war torn or impoverished communities. We believe its our human duty to give back.

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