Six nettle napkins

Product image 1Six nettle napkins
Product image 2Six nettle napkins
Product image 3Six nettle napkins
Product image 4Six nettle napkins
Product image 5Six nettle napkins

Regular price $120.00

Their story is a fairy tale.

Nettle collected from the Himalayas and woven on ancient looms in Nepal. Then transported to Marium in remote rural India, where educating girls isn't considered necessary. Scroll through these images .. Mariums friends are reading newspapers while she embroiders! this image makes our hearts sing. A huge change since we first visited this area almost a decade ago!

When you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

Price is for six napkins only, it does not include the stoneware napkin rings.

Napkin size is approximately 42 cm x 42 cm including embroidered edge.

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